Preserving the real places and the real stories of Texas.
  • Atascosa Courthouse under constructionAtascosa Courthouse under construction
  • Historic Main Street - Lockhart, TexasHistoric Main Street - Lockhart, Texas
  • Archeology StewardArcheology Steward
  • Fort Clark 2nd CalvaryFort Clark 2nd Calvary

State Historic Site Donors


Caddo Mounds

  • Tides Foundation
  • Christopher Burge
  • Dianne Calmes in memory of Gil and Pedro Flores
  • Deep East Texas Archeological Society

Casa Navarro

  • Patricia Chapa
  • Theresa Chapa
  • Orlando Castanon- in honor of Paul Ortega
  • Brigitte Garza- in memory of Miguel De Los Santos
  • Brock Huffman
  • Louis Martinez

Confederate Reunion Grounds

  • Kevin McKethan
  • Jason Richards

Eisenhower's Birthplace

  • Christopher Bowman

Fannin Battleground

  • Glenwood Volkmer

Fort Griffin

  • Rose Marie Eash
  • Gray Family Fund - in honor of Private Peter Leir, 11th Infantry, Co. A
  • Karen Farabee
  • Amber Humphrey - in honor of The Bobcats
  • Karen Nafe - in honor of The Bobcats

Fort McKavett

  • Jack Haynes
  • John Harrison

Fort Lancaster

  • Brave National Bank- for the  "Ft. Lancaster Western Frontier Days Event"
  • Irran Sheffield Chamber of Commerce for the "Ft. Lancaster Western Frontier Days Event"
  • Irran Archeological Society for the  "Ft. Lancaster Western Frontier Days Event"
  • Lowe's Market for the  "Ft. Lancaster Western Frontier Days Event"
  • HEB San Angelo- for the  "Ft. Lancaster Western Frontier Days Event"

Fulton Mansion

  • American Electric Power Foundation
  • The Brown Foundation, Inc., of Houston
  • Strake Foundation
  • The Summerfield G. Roberts Foundation
  • The Trull Foundation
  • Anonymous
  • Richard Ballard, San Antonio-in honor of Mary Gragg Ballard
  • Elizabeth Beken, Rockport
  • Eric Hathon, Houston
  • Jeff and Anne Hunt, Austin
  • Ernestina Barrera, Port Isabel
  • Roberta Braun, Wichita Falls
  • Kathleen and Thomas Carey, Jr., Victoria
  • Deborah Chapman, Rockport
  • Judy and John Clegg, Victoria
  • Georgia Downey, Lorena
  • Zoya and Denis Dyer, San Pedro, CA
  • Linda Foss, Austin -in honor of Dr. Marsha Hendrix and in memory of Diana Kirby
  • Burdine and Lester Giese, Nursery
  • Elizabeth Greeson, Victoria
  • Ana Hanson, League City
  • Eric Hathon
  • Meta and Boo Hausser, San Antonio - in honor of Dr. Marsha Hendrix
  • Mrs. Leslie Hooser - in honor of Mary Lynn Rhodes
  • Humanities Texas, Austin
  • Betty Humphris, Seabrook
  • Nan Jackson, Rockport
  • Virginia McDowell, Omaha NE
  • Don McMillan - Dallas
  • Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Morgan Fund
  • A.V. Pomfrey, Rockport
  • Suzanne and Norman Ransleben, Rockport
  • Dr. James and Peggy Record, Victoria
  • Mary and Tomas Rhodes, Rockport
  • Lynne Ruf, Rockport
  • Leslie and Chris Starcke, Katy
  • Dr. Taylor and Myra Starkey (Texas Health Center), Victoria
  • Linda A. Valdez, Rockport
  • The Williamson Family Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas, Dallas
  • Susan and Gary Wilson, Port Aransas

Landmark Inn

  • James Long
  • Patricia Diaz Dennis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kardys

Levi Jordan

Robert and Patricia Schwebel

Magoffin Home

  • Muriel Neuss

Sabine Pass Battleground

  • Rodney Lee
  • Linda McMahen

Sam Rayburn House Museum

  • Darren LaPorte

San Felipe de Austin

  • Descendants of Austin's Old 300 Hundred
  • Ed Rachal Foundation
  • Adriance-Finch Fund
  • Killis Almond Architects, PC
  • Friends of San Felipe de Austin- in memory of Larry A, McAuley
  • Austin County Historical  Commission
  • Bill and Karen Burttschell
  • Jonathon and Anita Champagne-in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • Jud and Elizabeth Austin- in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • Margaret Cope Bailey
  • James P. Bevill
  • Duane Chisholm- in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • Dr. Terry Colley
  • John L. Cook
  • Gilbert Durochez- in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • Deborah Detering
  • Jim and Linda Epps
  • The Fondren Foundation
  • David A. Gravelle
  • George and Mary Hamman Foundation
  • Sally and David Harvin- in honor of Mary S. Chandler
  • Albert and Ethel Herzstein Foundation
  • Sarita and Bob Hixon
  • Albert F. Boo  Hausser
  • Hobby Family Foundation
  • Jimmy Huey-in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • Bonnie Gloeckner Johnson- in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • Laura and Steve Jenkins
  • Martha Jane and Gerald Lovedahl- in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • Donna Lynch
  • Graeme Marston - in honor of Jim and Mary Chandler
  • Larry Allen and Lynn Austin "Sharon" McAuley
  • Bonnie M. McKee
  • Sharon Menegaz
  • Frank and Vickie Monk
  • Elizabeth and Dan Montgomery
  • James and Carol Moore-in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • Michael R. and Sharon L. Moore
  • F. Lawrence Oaks
  • Robert Oliver
  • Guy Pinkerton
  • John Jeffrey Plakans- in honor of EO Boston Forum V
  • David and Felicia Phillips
  • Joan Williams McLeod
  • Bartlett  M.Ramsey
  • Julian Read
  • Ron and Claire Rogers
  • Jenny and Steve Roland- in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • M. Ruddock- in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • The John R. Selman and Maggie B. Selman Charitable Trust
  • SariJane Stanton
  • Sally Ann Schmidt and Marc Tabolsky
  • Howard T. Tellepsen
  • Dianne and Eliot Tucker
  • Susan Vaughn Foundation Inc.
  • Virginia and Chip Watt
  • Gary and Patricia Wayne
  • Amy Werlein
  • Lee White
  • Elizabeth Williams-  in memory of Larry A. McAuley
  • Carol A. Wilson and Devon L. Kirk
  • RIchard Klein and Vicki Yeomans
  • Wortham Foundation
  • Strake Foundation

Starr Family Home

  • Carol C. Hall
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority