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Leave a Legacy to Texas

Perhaps nothing is more important to Texans than the land they love. Immense state pride encourages residents to protect their property, and since there’s nowhere else in the world quite like Texas, it is essential for Texans to preserve their invaluable resources.

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) offers several opportunities to assist Texans interested in leaving a legacy by donating property or easements. A donor’s generosity will help preserve and protect Texas’ significant resources for future generations and, in the process, provide potentially significant tax benefits. With the help of the THC, this can be accomplished in three ways: conservation easements, land banking and the Revolving Properties Fund.

Conservation Easements

Highly significant properties deserve the best possible protection, and the THC provides these services when it receives easements. A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a property owner and the THC to permanently limit future alterations to archeological sites, historic structures or landscapes. The main types of easements — facade and open-space — offer vital and flexible options for protecting the integrity of the property according to the owners’ wishes. More...

Land Banking

When a landowner donates property to the THC (typically containing an important archeological or historic site) the agency will safeguard it through preservation designations or a management plan designed specifically for each site. Property owners who donate land will ensure significant sites are maintained by a respected entity like the THC to ensure its legacy in the future. More...

Revolving Properties Fund

Many landowners have property — historic or not — they would like to contribute to the THC for protection or subsequent sale. The Revolving Properties Fund allows the THC to accept property donations directly or through a will that can provide long-term protection and resources for historic preservation. In particular, the THC is seeking limited donations of marketable historic properties that can be sold with proper preservation safeguards to responsible owners. Texas’ historical legacy will also benefit from the sale of non-historic properties, with proceeds supporting the Revolving Properties Fund. More...

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