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    2018 Spirit of Texas



    Legend:  $2501-$5,000

    Dr. Glen Sample Ely

    Leighton and James  Donnell

    Ann Lewis Lawrence - in memory of F. Lee Lawrence

    Bobbie and John Nau

    Ranger $1,001-$2,500

    Nancy P. and Thaddeus Edgar "Ted" Paup

    Empresario $501-$1,000

    James E. Bruseth and Toni S. Turner

    Kirk Courson

    Donna Carter and Michael Gagarin

    John and Mary Crain

    Rowena Houghton Dasch

    Albert F. (Boo) Hausser

    Bob and Nancy Hayter

    James E. Heathman

    Sarita and Bob Hixon

    Wallace B. Jefferson

    Judith and Lewis Jones

    Bonnie M. McKee

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Oaks

    Tom Perini

    Julian Read

    Roberto and Rebecca Sepulveda

    Sally Anne Schmidt and Marc S. Tabolsky

    Brian Shivers

    Dianne and Eliot Tucker

    Lee and Larry White

    Welcome Wilson Jr. 

    Brenda Whorton

    Pioneer $251-$500

    Mr. and Mrs.John W. and Sandra K. Brooks

    John Chandler in honor of Mary Chandler

    Harold D. Courson

    Mary and Tom Duncan

    Meta Butler Hunt in memory of Mary Russell Butler

    Joan William McLeod

    Wrangler $101-$250

    D/G Studios

    Luther King Capital Management

    George Avery

    John L. Byrd

    Emlle Bussemey

    Dr. Terry Colley

    Daughters of the American Revolution- Sarah Pound Chapter in honor of Lynn Forney Young

    Alfred Davis IV

    Rebecca Nelson Davis

    Lucinda and Marion Freeman

    Stuart Gleichenhaus

    Lainie Gordon and David Mincberg in honor of T. Latimer

    Michael Holleran

    Lee Jone

    Mimi Montgomery Irwin

    Emily Little 

    Janey B. Marmion

    Sterling Associates

    Ann Sebesta

    Janet M. Swanson

    Michael R. Williams

    The LaBiche Architectural Group

    Guardian $51-100

    Lindalyn Adams

    Janet Atkins

    Idolina Araceli Davis

    Cheryl Beran

    Richard Bianchi

    Theodora Boehm

    Ves R. Box Jr.

    Leslie P. Brown

    Robert E. Crosser

    Ann Daves in memory of Harry Daves, Jr.Ann Daves

    Alice Dawson

    Garrett Donnelly

    Betty Jo Dunlap

    Barbara Eaves

    Charles Fitch

    Golda Foster

    Lucinda Freeman

    James H. Harris

    Kate Harrison in honor of Killis P. Almond

    Will Hartnett

    Daniel Hernandez

    B.F. Hicks

    Paul and Virginia Klebba in memory of George William "Bill" Brown

    Ivory J. Givens and Shirley R.Givens

    Judge Woodrow W.Gossom, Jr.

    Jason Joyner  in honor of Frias Raad, Matti Hanosi, and Roger Herrera Sanchez

    Tyron and Trudy Lewis

    Patsy Light in honor of Dr. Felix Almerza Jr.

    J.A. Kasch in memory of Milton  E. Kasch

    David and Cheryl Kesterson

    Virginia and Paul Klebba

    Carol Langston

    Roxana McGregor

    Bobby Joe McKinney

    Mary K. Miller

    Meyer A. Minchen

    Charleen A. Mullenweg

    Betty Oglesbee

    Ted Paup

    Grace Perez

    M.T. Peterson in memory of Stephanie Peterson

    Ann Maria Pfeiffer

    Johnney Pollan

    Ronald Poole

    Mary Robinson in memory of Buck and Mary Jones

    Maria E. Ramos 

    David and Nerissa Rawls

    Thomas and MaryLynn Rhodes

    Lenoir Seelhorst

    Charles Smith

    Joe W. Specht

    Pamela and Phil Stranahan in honor of Archeology Month

    Paul Thames

    Dwayne Thompson

    Pamela Thornton

    Mr. and Mrs. Troy and Susan Treat

    Jerre and David Tracy

    Texas Tropical Trail Region

    Dan K. Utley

    Virginia  Seale Watt

    Leslie Wilson

    Scout $1-50

    Craig "Griz" Adams

    Susan and Jerry Anderson

    Jerry and Marsha Brundrett

    Barbara Cline and Carol Nemex

    Diana Baker

    Ellen W. Baker

    Alvin and Marion Bates

    Joan B.Buzzard

    Glen E. Carroll

    James L. Carroll

    Joe Cox

    Margaret Culbertson

    Joy Doak in honor of John H. Doak

    Michelle Doss

    Caroline M. Dulle

    Barbara Eaves

    Gloria Elam

    Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Elder, III

    Patricia Ann Elliott

    Arthur Flache

    CM Gordon

    Jay and Ellen Gordon in memory of Eva Jean Blount

    Marilyn Hale

    Charlotta R. Hamilton in memory of John Phillip Hamilton

    Michael and Sharon Harris

    Kit Herrington

    Alana Inman

    Marlyn Hartsell- Fackler

    Robert and Barbara Johnston

    Gwen Lanning

    Margaret Lockett

    Amanda L. Maloney

    William A. Martin

    Virginia S.Mcalester

    Charles and Carol McClees

    Sonia Merubia

    Erin Meshell

    David Packard 

    Mr. and Mrs. James  N. Parsons, III

    Sarah K. Pritchett

    Thomas Roades

    Frank Stevenson

    Wayne Talbert

    Anne Vance

    Kam Wagert

    Bob Ward

    Monty T. Weddell

    William P. Wright, Jr.

    Marilyn and Wilfred Yelle