Preserving the real places and the real stories of Texas.

Real Places 2019: Doesn’t It Belong In A Museum?

Accessing Archeology For Local Preservation And History

Breakout 3C

Day/Time: Thursday, January 17, 2:15–3:30 p.m.
Location: Capitol Salon A, 3rd Floor
Speakers: Bradford M. Jones, Texas Historical Commission

Too often people assume the results of a local archeological project are going to be boxed up and locked away in a vast vault, accessible to only a privileged few. In reality, the artifacts and reports from public lands are intended for the benefit of all citizens of the state, and accessing these artifacts is often within reach of many local museums and historic preservation groups. This session will provide an overview of the Texas Historical Commission’s (THC) Curatorial Facilities Certification Program that oversees 16 different facilities across Texas that present our shared archeological heritage. Using case studies, attendees will learn how to find out about local archeological projects, the locations of associated collections, and how they may access these collections to tell their own stories.


Bradford M. Jones has been an archeologist for eight years in the THC’s Archeology Division, and has more than 20 years of experience in the archeology and history of Texas, Ecuador, and Peru. In his current role, he manages archeological collections and oversees the Curatorial Facility Certification Program, certifying curatorial facilities and museums in Texas to house the thousands of archeological collections collected from state land. Jones is also an editor and author of the Belle shipwreck technical volume and is currently working on the analysis and publication of the THC’s excavation of the site of La Salle’s Fort St. Louis and the 1720s location of the Spanish Presidio La Bahía.