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On a frigid, stormy day in February of 1686, a small French sailing ship lost control and ran aground in Matagorda Bay. Pounded in the Texas bay by gale-force winds and storm surges, La Belle slipped beneath the water and sank to the bottom, where she would remain for centuries. More than 300 years later, Texas Historical Commission archeologists discovered La Belle's resting place. Using cutting-edge technology and scientific innovation, investigators excavated the shipwreck and salvaged from its watery grave more than a million artifacts, including bronze guns, muskets, trade beads, axes, rings, bells, dishes, medicines - everything a New World colony needed for survival. Authors James E. Bruseth and Toni S. Turner use vivid photographs and engaging descriptions to share the excitement of discovery as they piece together both the ship and its tragic story. For those interested in history, archeology, or the quest for clues to the past, "From a Watery Grave" tells a riveting tale of nautical adventure in the seventeenth century and reveals modern scientific archeology at its best. Order from Amazon or Texas A&M University Press.


In 1874, U.S. forces led by Col. Ranald S. Mackenzie carried out a surprise attack on several Cheyenne, Comanche, and Kiowa bands that had taken refuge in the Palo Duro Canyon of the Texas panhandle and destroyed their winter stores and horses. After this devastating loss, many of these Indians returned to their reservations and effectively brought to a close what has come to be known as the Red River War, a campaign carried out by the U.S. Army during 1874 as a result of Indian attacks on white settlers in the region. After this operation, the Southern Plains Indians would never again pose a coherent threat to whites’ expansion and settlement across their ancestral homelands. Order from Amazon or Texas A&M University Press.