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Starr Family Home Portrait Restorations

The Starr Family Home celebrates the life of an important, early Texas family that influenced the settlement and development of Texas throughout the 19th century. The site still has a large collection of family associated fine and decorative arts which furnish their 1872 mansion, Maplecroft. The family portraits and their glorious frames reflect the prosperity and taste of the family in the late 19th century. These important portraits and their frames are in urgent need of restoration.  Each of the paintings is obscured by layers of soot and grime, several have suffered large and small surface losses and paint is actively lifting and peeling on several of the canvases. The paintings’ unique ornate frames are cracked in several places and have lost key surface details.  Also, the frames’ joinery is no longer intact and no longer support the paintings within them. 

12 portraits--9 large oils on canvas and 2 large photographic portraits--depict the first two generations of the Starr family and date from the mid-late 19th century. Each is high quality and finely rendered; at least one of these paintings on canvas is a signed work by Henry Byrd, the important antebellum portrait painter. All portraits are framed in ornate gold and silver gilt renaissance, rococo and greek revival frames that compliment Starr Family Home’s architectural and decorative features and furnishings.

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