July 12, 2023 2:00 pm - July 14, 2023 3:30 pm    |    ZOOM – VIRTUAL WORKSHOP

Development “How-To”—Budgeting for Fundraising, Making the Ask, and Stewarding Your Donors

This three-day virtual workshop (1.5 hours each day on July 12, 13, and 14) will focus on the following topics: building realistic Development budgets from your prospect lists; making the ask; and donor stewardship.  Each of these sessions will provide participants with the tools and skills to be able to support and grow your development program, whether you are a fledgling nonprofit or one with an established fundraising program.

Day 1Building Realistic Development Budgets from Your Prospect Lists (July 12, 23:30 pm Central): In order for a nonprofit to be successful in its fundraising efforts, it is important for the development officer/staff/board to build realistic fundraising expectations, built on a solid foundation of numbers. This session will focus on what a nonprofit needs to build budgets that staff can effectively deliver on. Participants will learn how to assess funding needs, determine the true costs of a program or project, and translate a realistic prospect list into a realistic and achievable development budget.

Day 2Making the Ask (July 13, 23:30 pm Central): The second day of this series will focus on what it takes for a nonprofit to determine and make the appropriate ask of its donors. The session will help participants assess the needs of their organization, understand the challenges in fundraising, understand their sources/prospects and how they give and what motivates their giving habits, and to understand the markets and fundraising “vehicles”.  The session will also train staff and board members on how to comfortably cultivate donors and make the ask using the best possible strategies.

Day 3Stewarding Your Donors (July 14, 23:30 pm Central): The final part of this three-day workshop will focus on the nonprofits responsibility after a gift has been received.  This session will address the difference between cultivation and stewardship, and how both change once a donor has made a gift. Participants will understand how to better manage their donors relationships and steward the gift received to its fullest objective. The session will also provide information about some simple but effective tools that nonprofits can use to manage their donor relations, and some important steps in making sure that the stewardship process allows the nonprofit to better understand is donors.

Registration for the workshop includes all three sessions, one per day July 12-14, 2023, from 23:30 pm Central.  The workshop will be held on Zoom and access details will be provided closer to the date of the workshop.

For additional details, please call Carrie Alejo at 512-936-2189.