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Upcoming Workshops

The Friends of the Texas Historical Commission offers a series of workshops and trainings, both virtual and in-person, focusing on development and fundraising, nonprofit management, board development, and other best practices. These workshops and trainings, presented by Friends staff, are open to all nonprofit boards, executives, and volunteers. Following is a list of upcoming workshops.

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July 10-11, 2024, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Central Time (Virtual)


The Nonprofit Governance Puzzle: Finding the Perfect Fit for YOUR Organization

Past Workshops/Webinars

Explore our archived webinars to learn from past sessions.

Friends in High Places: Navigating Friends Group Partnerships

In this webinar, Angela Reed discusses how to build a strong partnership framework and why that framework is vital to both the Friends Group and the organization they support.

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Together in the Sandbox: Board and Staff Relationships

This webinar focuses on the relationships between nonprofit boards and staff in three different situations: a traditional nonprofit with staff, a public agency, and an all-volunteer board.

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Best Practices for the Nonprofit World

Learn best practices for building and maintaining the health of a nonprofit as related to board governance and development, sound administration, financial management, and fundraising.


Grant Evaluation: Setting Goals and Measuring Impact

In this webinar, Anjali Zutshi shares the why and how of evaluation in a grant process. Learn how to set goals, measure impact, and effectively present impact to funders.


A Case Study in Creating a Successful Case Statement

In this webinar, fundraiser Anjali Zutshi provides guidelines for developing a solid case statement to better position your organization’s efforts to build financial support.

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COVID-19 Resources for Texas Museums

Learn about programming and funding opportunities, resources, and assistance available for museums trying to recalibrate efforts to make it out of the pandemic.