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Protecting Historic Sites Across the State

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) preserves and operates 38 historic sites throughout the state. These unique places honor Texas history and inspire an understanding of what it means to be a Texan.

From Native American sites, plantations, and frontier forts to battlegrounds, common and elegant historic homes, and the leaders and statesmen who lived in them, these sites enrich people’s lives by sharing a history integral to the Texas we know today.

As the Friends of the THC (FTHC), we support the preservation of these sites and help raise the funds and awareness to make preservation, restoration, and interpretation possible. Place-based education is core to the THC’s work, and we believe that the best way to share the unique and important stories of these historic sites is to bring these places and the people who inhabited them to life and make them accessible to all.

Help Support Our State’s Historic Sites

Please help support a storied place close to your heart or your home. Your gift will help preserve these treasured locations for generations to come.

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