Spirit of Texas Program

A History as Vast as It Is Rich

From the long heritage of Native Americans, the adventures of the first Anglos, and the perseverance of enslaved African Americans to the settlers of Freedom Colonies, the cultural impact of Mexicans, and the history of Japanese immigrants during World War II, much contributes to culture today.

Keeping the Spirit Alive

Each new layer of history enriches our heritage, but as generations become further removed, they require a more nuanced telling. Our goal is to ensure that our history is preserved over time so that future generations of Texans can find their place in history. Only through understanding and preserving our shared past can we fully appreciate the world we live in today and shape the one our children will live in tomorrow.

We Appreciate Gifts of All Levels

By joining us as a Spirit of Texas “Patron” or as part of the “Leadership Circle”, you allow us to continue our work as a critical partner to the state‚Äôs historic preservation agency, the Texas Historical Commission, as we ensure the real stories and real places of Texas are protected for generations to come.

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Spirit of Texas Leadership Circle

  • Invitations to exclusive Leadership Circle events
  • Private guided tour of a THC state historic site of choice
  • Hosted reception for donor and up to 12 guests at a State Historic Site or the historic Gethsemane Church
  • All benefits listed for Patrons of Preservation
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Spirit of Texas Patrons of Preservation

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