K-12 Education Program

Fundraising Goal: $100,000

Place-Based Education

Place-based education is a core element of what we offer our K-12 population. In the past the FTHC has done this through programs like the Doing History Summer Camps.

Our most recent, and most ambitious, project is the development of the THC’s Virtual learning Portal for our primary and secondary school audiences. Our goal, through the THC’s Digital Engagement and Crisis response Program, is to provide a continued opportunity for place-based learning through the pandemic and beyond, opening up resources to audiences across Texas and beyond. The THC Virtual Learning Portal offers TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) based distance learning resources for students, teachers, explorers, and storytellers. The Virtual Learning Portal is a free, interactive platform for discovering the real stories of Texas history from anywhere in the world, and allow visitors to delve into the richness of Texas history through online exhibitions, virtual tours, programs, and experiences as unique as the Lone Star State itself.

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Equitable Access

Several urban as well as rural school districts across the state do not have adequate funding to support field trips to historic sites as part of their social studies/Texas history curriculum. As a result, students from these districts are not able to take advantage of the place-based learning opportunities provided by the state historic sites. The K-12 Education Access Program will provide funding for economically disadvantaged school districts, for transportation costs and admission fees for field trips to SHSs. Funds raised of this program will be offered to qualified school districts via grant program.